7 Things to know when installing paper towelling and jumbo roll bathroom tissue dispensers in Chilliwack.


If you find yourself needing to install new paper towel of jumbo roll toilet paper dispensers you may find it to be a confusing experience. Your office space, kitchen, or washroom may already have dispensers, but you may have lost the key or inherited a rental with no key. If you cannot open your paper towel or bathroom tissue dispener, then you can not change the rolls in them - making them useless. Or if they do open, you may find that the paper products you buy to fit the dispensers don't actually work with them! Here are 7 things you should know about paper and tissue dispeners before installing them in Chilliwack.


1. They all need a unique key to open.

All dispensers need to be refilled at some point. However, to prevent theft, damage to the paper towel, or jumbo roll tissue (JRT) that goes into the dispensers, and really just to make product easier and more convenient to use, the dispensers are tighlty sealed and require a unique key to open. If you lose the key, this can be a problem. Thankfully, your local chilliwack janitorial and dispenser supply shop may have replacements!

2. They are locked into the brand of paper products that they come with.

Often times people don't realize that the tissue paper dispensers in chilliwack, and for the rest of the world for that matter are not universal! The same products may not work in the dispenser if the brand is different. While there are more universal dispensers, there are many that are tied to brands like, tork, scott, and kimberly clark. This means your paper costs could be dependant on the type of bathroom dispener you have! Here at unicell supply, we supply all the different dispensers.

3. They can be battery operated or manual.

Chilliwack has many options for kitchen, office, and washroom paper and tissue dispensers! You can get higher end, battery/sensor automaticc operated dispensers or the old fashion and also easy to use manual dispensers.

4. They are not that hard to install.

Usually to install a tissue or paper towel dispenser its just a few screws! All you need is a handy drilll and screw driver!

5. You can get them installed for you.

Our company offers a service to replace restroom, kitchen, and office paper towel and jumbo roll bath tissue dispensers. We remove the old ones and give you a new solution that works best for you. All locally and easily in the Fraser Valley.

6. You can get them refilled by another company.

Don't even need to buy jumo roll tissue, hardwound paper towel, multifold towel, or single fold towel. We remember for you if you choose Unicell Supply. We'll come by your location in Chilliwack or the Fraser Valley and fill your dispnsers for you! All without any hassle or worry! You can even keep your dispenser key with us!

7. Soap and sanitizer dispensers work in a similiar way.

And they can be filled automatically too!


Contact us today if you are looking to buy a paper towel, bathroom tissue, sanitizer, or soap dispenser in Chilliwack! We're local, we sell in person and online, and we're happy to help!



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